Why You Should Seek an Experienced Registered Gas Engineer

Sat, 10/10/2020
Author: V1 Technologies

Don't know how to start the gas appliance installation! Your Energy Solutions can help you with the process. It is a legal measure in the UK that all the gas engineers must be enlisted under the Gas Safe Register in order to carry works on any form of gas appliance work safely. This category includes repair, installation and servicing of gas appliances including gas boilers, cookers and fires. Likewise, customers can always visit the website of the Gas Safe Register to find out if the gas engineer falls under the category or not.

Gas appliances need experts, and any unqualified and unregistered engineer may create a safety risk. In fact, there is a specific way to handle these appliances. Therefore, authorities also recommend taking the service of a registered gas engineer as they are very much qualified in working on it. On the other side, around 1.1 million gas fixation is done by illegal fitters. While not checking the credentials of a gas engineer is not only against the law, risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fire, and explosion are its consequences. It is always advised to seek the service of a Gas Safe Registered Engineers, and Your Energy Solutions include registered gas engineers.

What AppliancesDo Gas Engineers Work On?

Most of the people think that gas engineers only work on boilers. Although there is a need of skilled gas engineers who can work on boilers, there is always an equal need beyond boilers for a whole range of gas appliances like gas cookers, gas fires, central heatings, hot water storage cylinders and wall heaters. In fact, a gas engineer continues his/her training over the course of time by investing in apprenticeships. The gas sector is the UK's primary source of energy, and engineers make sure that their service is available and prompt.

Getting the Right Person for The Right Work

As mentioned earlier, gas engineers also have their specifications. Meanwhile, you do not want a boiler installer to work on your gas cooker or a gas fire expert to work on your central heating system. Your Energy Solutions includes registered gas engineers with long-term experience. We also enlist the track record of our engineers and can also offer you the service detail in case you doubt their credibility.

Budget-Friendly Service

Your Energy Solutions is a leading gas engineering service provider, and we follow strict moral conduct. Our company offers a written quotation before you take our service. Besides, we ensure the service is reliable and cost-effective. In case you need parts for your appliance, our engineers can also provide it for you. On the other side, our gas engineers are insured under the local authority, and if there is any damage to your furnace, you can always seek compensation.

Details to Check When Hiring the Service of a Gas Engineer

The Gas Safe Register provides a unique ID card to gas engineers where customers can check their service details. Likewise, a customer, when hiring the service, needs to check out these details which you will encounter in both the front side and the backside of a gas engineer.

  • The photo resembles that to the engineer who has reached your site.
  • The start and expiry date of the service, i.e. the card should not be expired.
  • The Gas Safe security hologram.
  • The license number embossed on the card.
  • Should have mentioned relevant sector that the engineers serve.

Details to check on the backside of the Gas Safe ID

  • The qualification of the engineer.
  • The engineers are employable for the service you seek.

Things to Know Before You Start

A gas engineer is very much qualified to install, repair and service gas appliances. If you are particular about the machine, you should always ask the engineer whether he/she has a handful of experience in servicing the system. Meanwhile, you can also ask as much as a question about their credentials. In the end, you should be sure that they are equally trained in doing the job.

Brief the issue comprehensively if you plan to go for a repair. Do not forget to get a free written quotation from them (Almost all the companies offer free written quotation) and try to get the best value out of the quotation. Remember, the quotes should include a work description, material details, the overall model of appliance(s) and the location of the appliance(s).

You can also find their references on the internet by swiftly searching for the company's portfolio. You should also see the reviews and ratings. This will help you understand the overall service of the company that you are hiring.

Post Service Checklist

Due to various types of accidents, the government is now stringent regarding gas installation service. Therefore, you need to make sure that your gas engineer completes all the required documents, including the Benchmark for boilers. You should know that Benchmark is a nationally recognized scheme that places responsibilities on the manufacturers as well as engineers and extends the best practice of installation, commissioning and servicing of gas appliances.When you hire a gas engineer, make sure you acquire the required commissioning documents before availing the scheme.

Once you fit a new gas appliance (excluding flueless cookers), the Building Regulations in Wales and England requires the owner to notify the local authority. Likewise, your engineer needs to do this. A similar requirement is necessary for the Isle of Man and Guernsey. Additionally, you should also ensure that your gas installation specifies all the legal structure as recommended by the local authority.


Gas Safety Week is an awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances leading to accidents. This week runs on September from 17-23. Also, 1 in 7 homes inspected bu Gas Safe Register is using unsafe gas appliances including gas boilers, gas fires and gas cookers.

Final Thought

Choosing a registered gas engineer for your appliance will help you save more and neutralize the risk of gas leakage or any other form of issues that may be dangerous. Your Energy Solutions offers the best quality service when it comes to installation, maintenance or servicing of the gas appliance.

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