Why Do You Need To Repair a Gas Boiler from a Gas Engineer

Sat, 10/04/2021
Author: V1 Technologies

Servicing your gas boiler annually is essential for safe and efficient operations. However, the boiler warranty may be void if the appliance is not serviced. Experienced Gas Safe Engineers are professionals. These experts can handle all types of boilers. A reliable team with a dependable boiler ensures non-stop supply. However, there are many things one needs to check and test to ensure all components work correctly.

Having an annual boiler service can cut potential damages. It also helps prevent unwanted disruption and ensures maximum heating efficiency to keep energy bills down.

Inspect Faults before They Ruin

Similar to your vehicle, regular checks of boilers are essential. In fact, periodic checks help cut the damages from progressing. Also, to cut the cost of electric bills, you need to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved.

At Your Energy Solutions, our gas engineers inspect and test boiler components or parts that are no longer functioning. While most of these boilers are incredibly efficient, there’s no guarantee that a brand new device won't face fault.

Neutralise the Risk of Potential Leakage

Boilers may leak out gases like Carbon Monoxide due to various reasons. This may include incorrect installations, poor maintenance, or irregular servicing. The substance that it emits is hazardous. In fact, it can even cause fatalities.

The usual symptoms include

  • ● Headache
  • ● Dizziness
  • ● Nausea
  • ● Breathlessness

However, what is more surprising to know is that they are challenging to detect. Our gas engineers highly recommend fitting a carbon monoxide detector as these gases have no taste, smell, or colour.

Breakdown Risk

In addition to ensuring your safety, a regular service reduces the risk of an unexpected breakdown. This can result in expensive repairs. Gas engineers provide quick repair work and help your system operate efficiently.

Choosing the Right Gas Engineer

If you are stuck with a broken boiler, you might get tempted to hire any gas engineer you come across online. It is absolutely true nobody wants to live in a building with a broken boiler. Choosing a gas engineer should not be a hasty decision. Therefore, here is a list of things to look after when selecting the right gas engineer.

Registered Engineers

Hiring an engineer without checking whether they are appropriately qualified can put you at risk. Incorrectly fitted appliances can lead to leaks which can cause poisoning and even explosions.

An unqualified heating engineer or someone with less experience could end up costing a lot more than you expect. Avoid all such issues by simply hiring Gas Safe registered heating engineers. You should also note that, by law, all businesses operating on gas appliances in the UK must be registered under the official Gas Safe Register.

If the prospective outfit is not registered on the official list, they are not authorised to work on boilers, cookers or other gas appliances in your home or business. Also, never take someone's word that they are registered. The gas engineer needs to show you a Gas Safe ID card. A registered gas engineer has a unique license number. You can search online to confirm the validity of the license holder.

Best Time for Repairs

Is there a good time for repair? Yes, definitely! Repair works are best done during summers when the weather is clean. If your boiler breaks down during cold months, it could take over three days, leaving you without proper heating. Now, this could be inconvenient and equally risk your health.

While some owners consider replacing their boiler after it breaks down, this is absolutely a wrong approach. A timely check will let you know the performance and the time for a replacement.

Older boilers may still heat up. However, they are significantly less effective. Here in the UK, boilers have an efficiency rate of 92%. This allows homeowners to save a significant amount on their energy bills.


If the boiler breaks down unexpectedly, you can't delay. You need to rush and find a replacement. Planning with a new/repaired boiler installation won't make you face hurdles. There are different types of boilers; having enough time to decide about the overall process will speed the service quality.

Upfront Payment

Most property owners prefer to pay upfront. This might sound convenient but demanding payment before a job is a red flag. A professional company provides a comprehensive quote on the completion of the inspection.

Why Home Surveys Efficiency?

We can help you sort out all the issues that crept into your system. From faults on the combi boiler or gas boiler, we can confidently sort out all the problems. Our technicians make sure that everything works perfectly.

Choosing the wrong gas engineer can make things worse. The gas engineering company you select should be accredited, experienced and have substantial market exposure. Your Energy Solutions provide a range of solutions for homeowners, businesses and commercial sites.

Our gas safe accredited engineers have a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality service. Now don't wait anymore and get your system serviced by certified professionals at the best price.

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