What Boiler Suppliers View on Upgrading to a New Boiler

Mon, 10/08/2020
Author: V1 Technologies

Every household needs to have a high efficient boilers to provide copius supply of hot water and heat round the year. Here are some of the reliable bilers that boiler suppliers suggest to install whilist saving both money and resources.

A boiler consists of a closed container that holds fluid and heats it for several purpose specifically for heating a domestic household. Yet, it comes in different shapes and sizes offering a wide variety of services. With the development in technology, one can get highly efficient boiler at the best price. Some of the common types of boilers used n the market includes

  • Boilers for Sealed System
  • Boilers for Regular System

Currently, the most efficient quality boiler in the market are the condensing boilers. These boilers run under the phenomena by recycling the flue gases which is normally wasted in a non condensing boiler. This helps to significantly reduce the fuel usage, thereby saving the environment. So, here we enlist types pf boilers you can avail form boiler supplier in the UK.

Combination Boiler

A Combination Boiler also known as Combi Boiler is one of the most popular type of boiler used in the UK. Thesea are highly efficient unit used in domestic household for heating as well as hot water purpose.Similarly, guarantees on significant savings on running as well as installation costs.

Combi system does not store domestic hot water but heats water directly form the mains. Perhaps, there is no requirement for a tank in the loft which cuts the risk of freezing or flooding and does not require even a hot water cylinder and none of the connecting pipes work too. What that means is, the overall boiler covers a small space and can reduce up to 60% of a typical domestic furl bill. When you choose a Combi boiler, it is best you understand the heat output and flow rate as per the requirement. Here is a rough guide however you should generate a quote form boiler supplier to know in details.

  • 24kw Combi Boiler-1/2 Bedroom apartment
  • 20kW Combi Boiler-2/3 Bedroom house with 1 Bathroom
  • 35kWCombi Boiler-3/4 Bedroom house with 1 Bathroom

Regular Boiler

Regular Boilers are also termed as Heat Only Boilers or Open Vented Boilers are much of traditional central heating system type. This system works on a “heating only” and thus requires a separate ht water cylinder that store household cold water. It also requires two feeder tanks one for the domestic hot water while other for central heating purpose. Here, the main cold water is fed through expansion tank to the central heating whilst being heated through the boiler.

A regular boiler offers higher flow of hot water as the water is stored in hot water cylinder. In contrast to Combi boiler, this system requires a number of sophisticated components and also cover larger areas for heating.

System Boiler

System Boilers function similar to the regular boiler where heating is carried indirectly on a separate store of domestic hot water. However, this system does not require unvented cylinders thereby feeding directly from the mains water. Both system boiler and regular boiler work on similar basis however, system boiler incorporates all in-built components including modulating pump and expansion vessel. Here, all the instruments are pre-wired, pre-plumbed and are quicker to install.

Back Boiler

A Back Boiler is a compact system generally fitted at the end of an open fireplace hearth and can also be installed behind a fire. Back boilers come with a small size but is capable to deliver enough hot water and central heating when installed with an indirect hot water cylinder. Back boiler installation comes with a tank with a cylinder and a loft in an airing cupboard.

Storage Boiler

System Storage Boiler offers both plentiful of hot water as well as central heating. These are designed for quick and easy installation by combining a boiler and an unvented cylinder in one unit. As a result, customers gets a dry loft. Here you get an added benefit of achieving mains pressure hot water from more than one outlet even if the full contents is utilized, hot water is still available.

Boiler Flues and Accessories

Flues or pipe chimney extracts wate gases (carbon dioxide and steam) from the boiler through the terminal. These gases are exhausted at generally at high temperature around 55C and cools down quickly when entering the atmosphere. This also creates plume. As a result, this needs to be extracted accordingly. There are various types of accessories available for boiler flues and therefore, it is always recommended to consult a boiler supplier before installing one for yourself.

Fuel Types

Final Wrap

Choose the right boiler for your household under the guidance of top boiler supplier in the UK. Your Energy Solutions specialize in helping customers upgrade boiler for an efficient one at the best price.

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