Important Things to Know About Central Heating Installation

Thu, 10/12/2020
Author: V1 Technologies

When it comes to choosing the best way to heat your household, you'll have to consider many things. Interestingly, these days, there are quite a few ways you can warm your house. You can avail solar heating, range cookers, radiators, boilers and other plethora of options.

Likewise, the heating system is going to effects not only the experience of the way you live but also on running its cost. The starting is very simple, you'll need to calculate how much heat is needed. This means hiring a qualified heat engineer.

Central Heating Made Simple

Central heating offers a comfortable life in cold seasons. From providing warmth and comfort to all the rooms and supplying hot water for use in kitchen and bathroom, central heating is an integral part of all-around well-being.

However, you can avail a different variety of central heating installation. You might choose any of the below-mentioned set-ups

  • A central heating system is powered by boilers. These are generally made of radiators and underfloor heating and provides hot water. This is the most common type of system in the UK.
  • Individual storage heater or stand-alone heater which provides hot water
  • A system that pumps hot air through vents, air generated from the boiler also provides hot water
  • Underfloor heating which perfectly works with all the above-mentioned system

Most of the central heating system comes with single boiler heating up the water. When warmed, the water circulates through the pipes into radiators and towel rails around the house. Also, the same water will come through taps in the kitchen, bathroom or ensuite.

Boiler Variant ForCentral Heating Installation

When it comes to a boiler, you get arrays of option. However, there are three main types of boilers to keep in mind which includes

Regular boiler vs Back boiler

So above were few of the boilers that you can use when in the UK.

Different Types of Central Heating Installation

What Size of Boiler Ensures Efficient Service?

A boiler comes in different shape and size generally measured in kW. However, you need to specify the right one, boiler larger than its requirement will not only cost more but also won't operate efficiently. You should also keep that in mind that, the heating installation team will suggest going for an oversized system as they down want callbacks for issues relating to small models.

Many boiler suppliers, including ours, offer online guides. Typical boiler requirement for a larger detached house would be of 30kW.

How Much Does A New Central Heating Installation Service Cost?

When going for an installation, there are various factors one needs to look after. Some of the keys areas include the size of your house, the type of central heating system, the boiler that you want to prefer. There are a handful of other factors involved when buying a central heating system. More or less, you might have to pay anything between £2,000 to £3,000.

Should You Install A CHS By Yourself?

No, if you want to install a system, you need to be well-qualified and have to hold an active license from Gas Safe Registered. Also, you need to be qualified to work legally with any gas appliance. Meanwhile, installing a hearing system needs apt technical knowledge, and it can be potentially dangerous if you're not trained. At Your Energy Solutions, all our engineers and technicians are certified and have years of experience.

What to Do If There Is An Issue?

Like any other system, you may come across times when your central heating system is out of order. It is best to diagnose the issue as quickly as possible before the damage increases. If you don't act, you may have to pay more in the long-run. So, you better connect with your nearest licensed gas engineer and repair the system.

Final Thought

The central heating system is vital in today's time. If you are planning to get a new one or upgrade your current system, you need to make the right call. Here are things to review before you get one.

• Choose the Right Kind Of Boiler

From combi boiler to system boilers, understand all the specifications and book one that suits your home the best.

• Size

Choosing the boiler that is enough to cope. Select one which sufficiently handles all the demands when placed on it.

• Space

Check the overall area of your property and go for the system that looks appropriate.

• Recommendations

Fitting a new central heating system is a matter of great investment, simply speak to the experts about the overall procedure. Come to an end and further make a decision.

If you are still having issues about the installation procedure or price details, you can always speak to our executive managers at Home Efficiency Surveys. We're a leading central heating installation company of the UK.

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