Best Boiler Installation: Guide to Get the Right Approach

Thu, 10/09/2020
Author: V1 Technologies

Here, we focus on how to find the best boiler installation and what to look for when installing boilers in the UK.

Winter is on the bay, and this is the right time to get your boiler installed. Likewise, most of the customers are in haste when installing, and you don't want to fix a broken boiler amid winter. Perhaps, purchasing a new boiler can be a minefield of decision. It is always better not to come across an unreliable boiler; such a decision will make you pay in the long run. So, what exactly do you need to contemplate to enhance the boiler's longevity?

Installing a Boiler

Always take your time while you converse with heating engineers. A right installer will look into all the circumstances and only quote you. Perhaps, heating technicians survey all the heating requirements before proceeding further. Similarly, tell each thing in detail and further plans you have for your home. In fact some of the common queries you can go for includes:

Things to Know Before Getting A Boiler Installation

An experienced heating engineer will tell you about all the benefits of getting a quality boiler as per your purpose. In fact, he will also let you understand the current market scenario and further recommend all the essentialities. So, let's have detailed insight into essential things before installing a boiler.

Condensate Disposal

The pipework carries water away to the drain. It is always best to keep the external pipework at a minimum. If there is an external routing, make sure that pipework is protected from freezing temperature.

Water Treatment

Almost all the heating system requires a simple gravity cleanse and flush along with chemical inhibitor. Perhaps, massive sludge system requires power flush. Make sure the installer speaks about its significance and choose the appropriate one. Common signs of a heavily sludged system include cold spots on radiators, excessive heat-up time, and system noise. When refilling the system, make sure the installer adds a chemical inhibitor. This will safeguard against the formation of sludge, scale build-up and corrosion.

System Filters

Get a clear idea on system filters. System filters prolong the life of boilers. Fitting a new boiler into an unsuitable system creates issues in the future. Likewise, scale reducers are a necessity for combi boilers installed in the hard water areas.

Heating Controls

Check all the necessary details on heating requirements and see what other options are available in case there comes any issue.


Radiators may become inefficient if there is internal corrosion. This ultimately means you need to replace the system periodically.

Energy Saving Measure

The new government regulation requires new boilers to install at least one of the four energy-saving measures. Customers can select anyone from the below

  • Load compensating thermostats
  • Weather compensating thermostats
  • Smart heating controls
  • Flue gas heat recover

Are These Included in Your Boiler Installation?

While quotations come with numerous listings, make sure these essentials are involved when you go for boiler installation.

  • You need to get a full explanation of why a specific boiler is recommended, along with the size and type, if any extra heating is required should also be separately discussed.
  • The exact location of the boiler will assist in understanding the overall area it will cover, and if needed to shift, there should be a clear explanation.
  • The cleaning system is a compulsion. However, there are three types, gravity flush, power flush, and mains flush. The installer needs to advise the best method for the system.
  • Post-installation checks are vital, and it is the installer's responsibility to check if the system is working correctly or not. Moreover, post-installation checks should not incur any charge as it falls under the warranty period.
  • Overall view of total labour charge and cost helps you to move ahead with the service. Likewise, it is best to go for a company that offers excellent quality service at the best price.

Essential Checks After Boiler Installation

Even after you complete the installation procedure, still there is a long way to go. As machines need periodic checks, similar is that when it comes to installing a boiler. Perhaps there are a series of safety checks to follow, and all the record should be registered in the manual.

The most common error that you can understand is the cold spots on the radiator. If the radiator takes a too long time to heat up, you should know that the system is not up to the mark. Further, it is best to contact the installer as soon as possible.

Make sure that your boiler installer is registered agency as regulations require trained professionals to work on these projects. For instance, to replace a gas boiler, the installer needs to be certified under the local authority.

Final Thought

Getting a boiler is not a complicated procedure as many agencies can help you arrange one. However, it is always best to have a decent idea on installation and the standard procedures regarding it. Speak to the engineer and get the best energy-saving device that suits your budget. In case you are looking for the advice of buying one, why not have a short talk with us. We can help you sort out all the issues. We've got some of the brilliant engineers and technicians who can assist you in getting right quality boiler.

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